Flower Store Oceanside

Flowers by Mike Flower Shop is a truly remarkable and reliable flower shop in Oceanside. We are known for our fresh quality flowers and rich botanical plants. We have a wide variety of flowers available for any event for your friends and family. Visit our website or page, or call for our customer assistance specialist for your needs and accommodation.

Some Flower Shading Interpretations

Each type of flower and its color symbolizes something significant and leave a dependable impact or meaning on the individuals who receive the flowers.

Camellia (Pink). The business term for the Camellia Rosa or the pink Camellia is by all accounts a definitive decision flower for a couple of long separation darlings. Its significance is unadulterated a genuine feeling of yearning between two committed people.

Camellia (Red). At the point when you wind up in a genuinely cherishing relationship, adding the red Camellia to a botanical structure improves that feeling toward the beneficiary. It is an energetic, and full-on adoration that will stay genuine and steady. Pick the Red Camellia to fortify those feelings.

Camellia (White).The sprout of the White Camellia is a fresh and genuine flower. This addresses artfulness and has a beautiful, exemplary quality. The White Camellia talks in a light-hearted tone of adoration, enhancing with its fragile white bloom.

Rose (Marriage). In addition to its undeniable importance of love, the wedding rose can symbolize a happy love which, as per a few, deciphers as the presentation of affection and beginning of life, partook in union with each other.

Rose (Pink). One of only a handful scarcely any roses with a twofold definition, the pink rose is at the same time an ideal image for satisfaction and also a tone of understanding and reparation that is frequently required in a relationship.

Rose (Red). The first red rose; the subject of melodies and numerous craftsmen. Its importance is shortsighted yet impactful. It is the image of affection, at present and verifiably and its tenacious capacity to state those 3 enchantment words; “I Love You”. We have a wide range of flowers that you can browse: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, All Spirits ‘ Day, Thanksgiving, memorials and holidays, birthdays, baby fresh, beautiful launch, fast performance, graduation, and memories service. Flowers by Mike is here to provide you with the most exclusive and personalized floral delivery experience.