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Flowers have a language of their own. They symbolize different thoughts and feelings, some of which are difficult to describe or express. Flowers depict etheric beings of nature, ailing in the soul, sense of self, devotional nature, but above all flowers make you feel alive.

All through authentic times, they have been utilized as types of communication, be it in artistic creations, engineering, endowments or stylistic theme. Even though there are around 400,000 types of flowering plants on the planet, some of the most well-known include:


  • Red rose. All-inclusive image of sentimental love.
  • Yellow rose. Reflects merriment and fondness and can be utilized on Friendship Day.
  • White rose. Image of immaculateness and virtue, and is in this way ordinarily utilized for enrichments at weddings.
  • Orange rose. Want and excitement, an ideal medium for the individuals who need to take things, past fellowship.
  • Pink rose. Reflects the delicacy and is emblematic of appreciation and appreciativeness.


The essential meaning of tulips is related with immaculate love. This flower had its inception in Persia and Turkey, in any case, presently, it is prominently connected with the Netherlands. Sprouting in an assortment of hues, the purple tulips regularly speak to eminence, while white tulips are an indication of absolution and red tulips speak to genuine affection. Besides, the ones with a dark focus express a heart consumed in energetic love, while variegated tulips are a portrayal of ‘excellent eyes’.


Sunflowers symbolize bliss and gladness. They display phototropism, i.e., they develop towards the sun, thus the name “sunflower”. This ascribe has additionally lead to the sunflower is an image of confidence, warmth, imperativeness, and life.


Chrysanthemum has different meanings, contingent upon its color and culture. The Japanese for instance, view chrysanthemum as being related to life span and it is the image of the Japanese imperial family, while it bears a positive and idealistic meaning in the US. Also, red chrysanthemums speak to cherish while the white ones symbolize death.


These delightful fragrant flowers are most generally connected with sophistication, effortlessness, and exotic nature. It is of incredible strict centrality in some Asian nations. Indian women likewise regularly use jasmine flowers or Chameli ka Phool as hair adornments.


An orchid represents love, charm, and extravagance. Yet, as against its outer looks, orchids likewise symbolize quality. Truly, the orchid flower connotes riches, love and obviously, magnificence.


A typical daisy flower meaning is purity. Without any wrongdoing or blame, daisy is the ideal image of purity. Daisy is frequently utilized while admitting to undying adoration. Although the utilization of flowers for proposing affection might be antiquated daisy catches the language of adoration best.

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