Flowers by Mike

Flowers by Mike

Posted by Peter Zuccarello on November 30, 2021 | Last Updated: March 18, 2022 Uncategorized

Why Winter Blooms Are Perfect for Inspiring Hygge

As the snow falls and we turn on the fireplaces in our homes and the bottoms of our Christmas trees twinkle amidst our favorite decor, we feel a warm comfort and ease in stress. Some people may define this feeling as “hygge,” a Danish tradition of experiencing comfort, observing our surroundings, showing gratitude for the simplicities of life, being present, and connecting with our loved ones. Especially during the holidays, we can find hygge around the family dinner table, as we stroll through the neighborhood to admire Christmas lights and decor, and while we curl up with a big blanket and a good book or cup of tea. Here at Flowers by Mike, the number one floral shop in Oceanside & East Rockaway, we also experience hygge through winter floral bouquets, whether in our own living room, in the center of a holiday dinner table, or as a gift to a loved one.

How Winter Blooms Provide Hygge

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Floral Arrangements Enhance Our Environment

Flowers have a unique way of bringing life into any space and filling a room with uplifting yet serene energy. Their alluring beauty is natural, refreshing, and cannot be ignored. Therefore, when creating an environment that makes you feel hygge, you cannot forget a wonderful winter floral arrangement. Between the seasonal colors, sweet and subtle fragrances, and mood-boosting abilities, they are the perfect finishing touch for a hygge-inspired home.

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Sending Holiday Bouquets Connects Us to Loved Ones

A unique way to connect with loved ones, especially if they are far away or unable to celebrate the season with us, is through flowers. Whether you send a winter bouquet to a faraway friend or remember a family member by displaying their favorite blooms in the center of your holiday table, flowers become a way to “be there in spirit” with those we hold dear. As the petals are admired, and floral fragrance fills the air, we experience hygge.

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Flowers Can Inspire New Traditions

Holiday traditions are born when family and friends come together for quality time and experience tremendous amounts of hygge. Whether it’s a simple get-together or an activity that you share year after year, there is something about creating new traditions that bring the holiday season to life. Adding flowers to your annual celebrations or inventing brand-new traditions inspired by winter blooms is pure holiday magic. Why not contribute the floral centerpieces for holiday dinners and gift them to your host/hostess, take a flower arranging class with friends, make your own holiday wreaths and garland out of fresh winter blooms with the kids, send a seasonal bouquet to faraway loved ones, or visit your local florist for the holidays with your family?

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Winter Bouquets Are Comforting

World-famous artists, painters, poets, and writers have recognized the comfort that floral brings to their audiences and have included them in their works for centuries. When we look at flowers, we slow down and stop to admire, breathing in a sigh of relief as we leave our stress behind a moment. With their cheerful colors, fragrances, and links to fond memories, we can even feel hygge and warm comfort through each petal.

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Beautiful & Fragrant Stems Urge Us to Be Present

Being mindful, present, connected, and observant during the holiday hustle and bustle is not an easy task. Between shopping, dodging crowds, decorating, and cooking in preparation for family dinners, there seems to be little room for enjoying the joys of the season or taking some time to, perhaps literally, “stop and smell the flowers.” With an alluring winter arrangement sitting in your home, you are sure to be reminded daily to slow down, be grateful for the little things in life, and find hygge amidst the chaos.

Hygge can be described as “when the ordinary lights up your soul,” and here at Flowers by Mike, we know our winter flowers and holiday arrangements do just that.