Flowers by Mike

Flowers by Mike

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Thanksgiving Customs & Florals

In the most ancient of harvest festivals, fierce sporting competitions and games were a part of the festivities. Perhaps it is no wonder, then, that we still look to sports to entertain us during our “harvest” gathering. From the high school level up to the NFL, football is a Turkey Day tradition. But in many cases, one need look no farther than the backyard – many families hold cherished annual football games that can get every bit as competitive as the pros – not to mention work up a great appetite! Here at Oceanside and East Rockaway’s premier florist, Flowers by Mike, we love everything about Thanksgiving!

Orange roses have a truly charming look surrounded by orange carnations, orange Peruvian Lilies, and peach hypericum berries, offset by burgundy mini carnations and lush greens for an enchanting affect. Presented in a rectangular stained woodchip basket

Abundant Harvest Basket

Thanksgiving Day parades are also a beloved way to make the time pass before dinner; the New York City Macy’s Day Parade being the most iconic. Few people realize that the parade was instituted in 1924 for a very non-sentimental reason. Wanting to maximize the retail opportunity of the Christmas season, large department stores put on massive shows to draw in the customers and begin the holiday retail season. Macy’s wasn’t the first store to hold a parade – Gimbel’s owns that honor – but the Macy’s parade is the one that has continued through the decades, right up until the present day.

Of course, the most anticipated part of Thanksgiving is the food! Inspired by the legendary feast of 1621, when Pilgrims hosted the Indians to thank them for their help with the crop, modern-day Thanksgiving is still an abundant harvest of food. While turkeys were served at that first event, they were not by any means the main course – there was also deer, seafood, and many fruits and vegetables. No one really knows why the turkey has emerged as the entree of choice, but there is no denying Americans love it at it’s estimated that 95% of us will enjoy the bird this Thanksgiving.

This festive autumnal arrangement of golden sunflowers burst from a charming wood box, with roses, orange alstrolilies, bronze amaranthus, yellow and orange snapdragon with decorative fruit is sure to delight!

Harvest Time

The holiday table and those gathered around it, remains the truest expression of Thanksgiving. The vibrant autumn centerpieces and fall bouquets from Flowers by Mike are sure to bring beauty and charm to any dinner table this Thanksgiving. Peruse our collection of fall flowers and Thanksgiving centerpiece today to decorate the home in the spirit of Thanksgiving and enjoy all this wonderful holiday has to offer.