Flowers by Mike

Flowers by Mike

Posted by Peter Zuccarello on January 28, 2021 | Last Updated: March 18, 2022 Uncategorized


Are you still searching for the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day? If you’re looking forward to a solo day of self-care, a sweet day at home with your love, or thoughtful ways to spread joy, your friends at Flowers by Mike, Oceanside’s and East Rockaway’s top florist, put together the best list of ideas. You’ll love spoiling your family, friends, and of course your Valentine this year, but don’t forget to show love to yourself and your community as well. 

Relaxing Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day

Wooden floor, green yoga mat, clear water bottle, and virtual yoga class on open laptop

Start Your Day with Yoga

Enjoy finding your center and feeling zen with your partner during a virtual couple’s yoga class. You’ll love leaning on and supporting each other in various poses, it may even strengthen your trust and communication. Or, bask in the peace and calm solo as you breathe into a state of self-love.

Movie screen and bowl of popcorn

Host a Favorite Movie Marathon

Dive into your favorite films together, and learn what ones your partner loves the best. Take turns choosing what movie to put on next, and then agree on a finale to complete your marathon. Create precious memories you’ll be reminded of when certain films make it onto your TV screen again. 

Night sky, city view, with stars in the shape of a heart

Cuddle Under the Stars

A brilliant night sky is Mother Nature’s loving gift to you. Enjoy it with your Valentine as you cuddle under a blanket of stars, as well as under an actual big blanket. Keep each other warm as you stargaze and sip hot drinks, like tea, coffee, cocoa, or heated cocktails. 

Pink perfection includes red roses, pink flowers, white hydrangea, and greenery

Admire Beautiful Flowers

Admire more than just your significant other with breathtaking blooms, like our “Pink Perfection” arrangement. While you spend the day inside, make sure the ambiance is just right by adding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. You’ll both enjoy the romantic beauty, and your sweetheart will love your thoughtfulness. 

Pink flowers blooming on tree jigsaw puzzle

Build a Jigsaw Puzzle

Looking for a cozy activity to enjoy on your own? Create a brilliant ambiance in your living room with the best-scented candles, warm blankets, fluffy pillows, beautiful blooms, and a relaxing puzzle to build. Turn on some music or listen to your favorite romantic comedy play on the TV as you piece together a challenging, yet fun jigsaw puzzle.

Pink paper, scissors, bows, ribbons, and other arts and craft supplies

Deliver Homemade Gifts

Gather up all your arts and craft supplies and make something special with your honey. From sweet Valentines to origami, or anything your creative mind can dream up, homemade gifts are just as fun to create as they are to deliver. Brighten up someone’s day and send these unique masterpieces made with love, to local nursing homes and hospitals in your community. 

Bucket List white paper and red pencil

Write a Couple’s Bucket List

Dream of adventures with each other during your romantic evening, and create your own bucket list as a couple. You can each write a few ideas and share your aspirations and goals, or come up with exciting things together. You might even learn something new about your sweetheart as you brainstorm amazing activities, sights to see, and vacations to enjoy in the future. 

Whatever you decide to do this year, make sure to unplug for a while as you celebrate love. Enjoy your day in all its beauty, especially if it includes some brilliant blooms from Flowers by Mike. Happy Valentine’s Day!