Flowers by Mike

Flowers by Mike

Posted by Peter Zuccarello on September 3, 2020 | Last Updated: March 18, 2022 Uncategorized

Best Gifts to Accompany Flowers

Pink white and green flowers in a modern cube vase


You already know you want to impress someone, so of course, you’re going to buy them gorgeous, fresh flowers. But, if you are also thinking of including a little something extra with those flowers, then we’ve got you covered. Here at Flowers by Mike, our experts have compiled a list of truly romantic gifts that pair perfectly with flowers.

Romantic Tokens of Love to Pair with Flowers

Dinner for Two

A delicious home-cooked meal prepared specifically for your loved one is super sweet in itself, as is a glamorous table for two at a gourmet restaurant. We love a beautiful date night and to make the evening even more romantic, allowing the magic to last even longer, is by selecting a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

White ceramic tray with home spa supplies in home bathroom for relaxing rituals

At-Home Spa Essentials

Luxurious and fragrant spa items like handmade soaps, bath bombs, body lotions, and face masks are always appreciated and make your loved one feel pampered and deserving of some R&R. When paired with flowers, your significant other will feel adored by you as they sink into a state of ultimate relaxation. Don’t forget to display their flowers and light a few candles to ensure romance is in the air.

Luxury handmade decorative chocolate bonbon in a display of assorted pralines with selective focus in close up view on rustic wood

Artisan Chocolates

A remarkable gift like beautiful, fresh flowers paired with an equally remarkable addition, like delicious hand-crafted chocolates is a gift combo made in heaven. There is a good reason why flowers and chocolates have been a dynamic duo to celebrate romantic events for centuries! This combination is simply classic and timeless.

open book on wood desk with rose

Romance Novel

Much like a fragrant and alluring floral arrangement, romance novels are another reminder that your loved one is living out their own marvelous love story or fairytale in real life. As they get lost in the pages of passion, tears, end everlasting love, and admire their own blooms next to them, it is impossible for them to forget about the love they feel every day from you.

Valentines Day flowers and diamonds


Jewelry is loved by everyone regardless of age, much like flowers are, so pairing these two gifts together doubles the excitement and adoration the lucky recipient will feel. Your sweetheart will love showing off both their fresh blooms as well as their new jewelry that were both chosen just for them.

Long-lasting rose in a flask, in a glass dome, stabilized, a gift


Inspired by one of our favorite love stories and fairytales, a floral cloche can be interpreted as a symbol of love, passion, romance, and hope. They are also a remarkable decor item that elegantly and gracefully aids in the display of the romantic and delicate flowers you plan to gift your loved one.


Wine is an obvious choice to pair with flowers, but you could turn this pairing from “Nice” to “Wow!” by putting a little thought into it. For example, choose flowers whose aromas will enhance the flavor of the wine, or choose a wine that brings out the colors and essence of the flowers. A little research and some effort will make this gift combo a true stunner.

Taking time to carefully select the perfect floral arrangement for your loved one is always enough, but pairing flowers with another token of your love, whether it’s a romantic evening at home or a gift they can use, wear, or cherish forever, will mean the world to them. To get started on your next big romantic gesture, take a look at the fantastic collection of bouquets at Flowers by Mike as well as our fun gift selection.